Blueberry, premium quality (Ukraine)

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box 200 g
60.96 UAH
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304.58 UAH
box 10 kg
1201.80 UAH
Characteristics of the product Blueberry, premium quality (Ukraine)
Ingredients: Blueberry

Flash-frozen natural product. Storage conditions: store at a temperature not higher than minus 18°С and relative humidity not more than 95%. Shelf life: 24 months from the manufacture date. Blueberries lower the level of sugar in blood, increase the acidity of gastric juice, improve digestion, metabolism; enhance visual acuity by improving the blood supply to the retina of the eye. Blueberries are widely known as an anti-diarrheic remedy for diarrheas of non-infectious origin, especially in children; as an adjunct to antibiotics in dysentery; as a remedy against avitaminosis. The main treasure in blueberries is antioxidants. As is known, they bind free electrons and thus prevent malignant tumors, by influencing the organism at cellular level. Thus, blueberries are a good prophylactic agent for prevention of cancer. Blueberry antioxidants are called anthocyanins. They can also be found in radish, blackberries, apples, red / purple cabbage and dark varieties of grapes. Notwithstanding, the record score for the content of antioxidants, with no doubt, belongs to blueberries.

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