Private Label

One of the most important areas of our company is the production of private brands. Currently, the manufacture of "Arti" produces goods for such supermarket chains as Auchan, ROST, Novus, Eco-market, Tavria, Posad and always welcomes new partners!

We made our first "private" 7 years ago. Since that  time we have got such a big experience, that helps us to produce only high-quality goods for your needs.

If you are still hesitant or do not quite understand what this is and why you need it, there is a little explanation.

Private label - goods and services are produced by a third-party manufacturer under the order of the owner of the brand and they are sold under the brand name of the brand's owner. Very often the practice of selling goods under private brands is used by large retail chains, selling various products made on their order under their own brand name.The goods under the private label are manufactured only at the manufacturer's premises, but belong to the customer - the owner of the private label.

The manufacturer of goods under the private label receives guaranteed sales of products manufactured according to a contract with the owner of the private label.

For the brand owner, the advantages of producing goods under the private label are:

  • expansion of the product offer;
  • reduction of the cost of goods, due to lack of intermediaries;
  • guaranty of unique points of the offer, its differentiation points;
  • no necessity to produce goods of temporary, seasonal demand, as well as goods created for "short" marketing projects;
  • price control;

Detailed consultation on this matter can be obtained from the competent manager Natalia by phone number: +38 (067) 57 37 885