Sandthorn (sea buckthorn), premium quality (Ukraine)

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Characteristics of the product Sandthorn (sea buckthorn), premium quality (Ukraine)
Ingredients: Sandthorn (sea buckthorn)

Flash-frozen natural product. Storage conditions: store at a temperature not higher than minus 18°С and relative humidity not more than 95%. Shelf life: 24 months from the manufacture date. Berries of sandthorn (which is also known as sea buckthorn) are incredibly rich in vitamins B1, B2, C, E, K, P; flavonoids, folic acid, carotenoids, betaines, choline, coumarins, glucose, fructose and phospholipids. Berries have a fairly large amount of natural acids, such as: malic, citric, caffeic and tartaric acids. Sandthorn berries are also rich in tannic compounds. The bark of the branches contains a significant amount of serotonin, which has a beneficial effect on the central nervous system, and also inhibits growth of malignant neoplasms. True hoard is hidden in the leaves of this humble plant, in the form of ascorbic and oleanolic acids. Sandthorn have potent healing properties. It is able to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and to make them less permeable; to improve tissue metabolism. In addition, it has antioxidant action (prevents tissue oxidation and therefore aging). Sandthorn soothes inflammation of tissues and promotes healing of wounds; it is able to improve the condition during any chronic disease due to the large amount of vitamins which is contained in it.

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